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Tiered Shelf Brackets - Modern Shelves

Tiered Shelf Brackets - Modern Shelves

Posted by Murphy on Mar 22nd 2020

Tiered Shelf Brackets - Modern Shelves

Every room in a home will needs some form of shelving. Modern shelves come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Right now, a modern design is clean, industrial, and open. At, we have a variety of modern shelf brackets. One of our favorite designs, is our Tiered Shelf Brackets. 

Tiered Shelf Bracket

Wall Shelf Brackets

Wall shelves have a variety of different brackets used to create a modern design. This includes Floating Shelf Brackets, Decorative Shelf Brackets, & Traditional Right Angle Shelf Brackets. As mentioned, Tiered or Tower Shelf Brackets are also an option we'll discuss further down this piece. All these brackets create modern wall shelves that a perfect for many rooms in a home. Depending on the style and space you have, we'll have a perfect option! 

Wall Shelves

Tower Shelves

Our Tiered Shelf Brackets create a tower of shelves on the wall. Custom to the number of tiers you need and the depth that will fit your shelves. Each bracket is handmade in our own shop. Created by welding 3/8" steel, this is a heavy duty bracket that can withstand a tremendous amount of weight. Each bracket has multiple countersunk mounting holes to support the bracket and weight along with it. Once we construct this bracket, we powder-coat the bracket twice, for a coating that will last the test of time. We build these brackets to last a lifetime, in nearly any environment. 

Tower Shelves

Installing Shelves

Installing our Tiered Shelf Brackets is extremely easy. The mount directly to the wall and can be done in about 10-20 minutes! The tools you will need are #12 screws, a drill, a stud-finder, a level, a laser level, optional drywall anchors, and of course your wood shelves. Once you have your location picked out, we may begin: 

  1. Locate studs behind the wall. If there are no wall studs, use strong drywall anchors instead. 
  2. Choose your drilling locations by putting the bracket on the wall. Mark the drilling locations through the countersunk holes. 
  3. (Optional Step) install drywall anchors into the wall. 
  4. Once your first hole is marked, use your laser level to mark another hole for the opposite shelf bracket.
  5. Install one of the brackets onto the wall. Only mount with one mounting screw to start. Following this bracket, install the other bracket to the wall. 
  6. Aim your laser level up the bracket. Pivot the bracket on the one mounting screw until it's straight. Ride the laser along the edge of the bracket to ensure it's perfectly level. 
  7. Once both brackets are level, install the remaining mounting screws. 
  8. Install shelves on the brackets. Use a small screw to secure the shelves to the bracket. 

Shelving System